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Last decade has seen steady and continuous growth in the e-commerce business as people are getting used to buying things online rather than going to the stores. Every range of products is available online; however, buying groceries online remains a challenge for many. It is not due to the demand; it is because not many groceries businesses have gone online as there are many challenges like logistics, marketing, request, etc.


Covid-19 made things challenging for all of us. Everything was being purchased online by the majority; however, the options for groceries was minimal, especially ethnic Indian groceries. For many, this was a challenge, but for Sameer and Jasmit, it was an opportunity as collectively they build MontayKart which offered a solution to this problem.


MontayKart launched its website with a limited range of products like many startups do; however, soon, it became the first choice of many, and people started suggesting and demanding more products. Looking at the demand, both worked their way out and increased the inventory five times within two months and met the requirements of the majority. They still feel that they need to grow even more prominent so that MontayKart can keep up with the demands they are getting.


Startups are nothing but a sack full of challenges, and this team has so far overcome all the hurdles they have faced and are dedicated to face anything that comes their way. Currently, Montaykart is offering the majority of the Indian grocery items, including dairy and frozen products. It is a feat in itself as only big players have been able to do that so far.


MontayKart offers delivery options all across Auckland, where you can get your groceries delivered at your door within 24 hours and all that with the comfort of ordering while sitting on the cosy couch of your living room.

Visit www.montaykart.co.nz and be the next to try its exceptional service.

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